Using VB.NET how do I connect to an available wireless network. I have been able to list all the available networks.


Assuming you are wanting to control the Windows biult-in wifi stack, you should be able to do it with the WlanConnect Function. A signature is availeble at pinvoke.net.

MSDN has a list of the articles pertaining to wifi here.

The MSDN page does not say whether this is the case, but an application might need elevated permissions to use this API...


If you have the WLAN profile saved in your PC, this approach is simple.

Sub connectTo(ByVal name As String)
    Dim p = "netsh.exe"
    Dim sInfo As New ProcessStartInfo(p, "wlan connect " & name)
    sInfo.CreateNoWindow = True
    sInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
End Sub

'use the sub to connect to your AP. connectTo("myAP")

Otherwise, it is easier to use ManagedWifi or SimpleWifi dll libraries. Here is my code where I used SimpleWifi.dll to connect to a network with a passkey.

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