I have made a contact form but upon submitting it I get the error: Oops, an error occurred! Code: 201905310232036dfcc153.

I would like to get more information so I can start debugging. So my question is: How do I enable error reporting in TYPO3?

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You have to add this line in your TypoScript

config.contentObjectExceptionHandler = 0

After setting to 0, you will see detailed errors in frontend when an exception is thrown.
To reset it, simply delete the lin or set to 1.

here is a blog post from me about it (in German): https://www.naderio.de/oops-an-error-occurred-komplette-fehlermeldung-anzeigen/


In the directory typo3temp/var/logs/ there should be a file named typo3_somehash.log. Search this file for the error code.


Go to Install Tool and configure SYS|displayErrors = 1

This enables the debug exception handler and you will get a stacktrace instead oops an error occurred.

You can also write it directly in your typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.php or typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'][SYS]['displayErrors'] = 1;

See also: https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/reference-coreapi/master/en-us/ApiOverview/ErrorAndExceptionHandling/Configuration/Index.html

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    I checked and in LocalConfiguration.php the displayErrors global is already set to 1. I also turned on debug mode in the configuration presets. Yet I am still not getting a more detailed error description. How is that possible?
    – Romi
    Aug 29, 2019 at 20:13

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