In Asp.net Boilerplate I am looking for a method to insert permission of a user with user id and role id. I check some reference but still did not find a way to achieve it.

Please suggest.


In ASP.NET Core, UserManager<TUser>.AddToRoleAsync(TUser, String) adds to a role by its name.

In ASP.NET Boilerplate, you can get the role by its int roleId and then pass on the role.Name.

public async Task<IdentityResult> AddToRoleAsync(long userId, int roleId)
    var user = await _userManager.GetUserByIdAsync(userId);
    var role = await _roleManager.GetRoleByIdAsync(roleId);

    return await _userManager.AddToRoleAsync(user, role.Name);

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  • will it insert the permission into abppermissions table? – Anusha_Systematix Sep 4 at 6:41
  • No. Do you want user role, user permission or role permission? – aaron Sep 4 at 12:12
  • It does not make sense to add permission for a user role. – aaron Sep 4 at 12:13
  • I want to add role wise user permissions in abppermission table i.e I have a common user which will have different role access, so here on the basis of the selected role, I want to show specific page access. – Anusha_Systematix Sep 6 at 5:05
  • That doesn't make sense. – aaron Sep 6 at 7:47
var role = await _roleManager.GetRoleByIdAsync(roleId);
await _roleManager.SetGrantedPermissionsAsync(role, permissions);

This will grant the persiossions to the role

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