Yesterday, I uploaded my App to TestFlight and after a while Apple sent me this warning:

ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage - Apple will stop accepting submissions of apps that use UIWebView APIs . See https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiwebview for more information.

The thing is that I don't use UIWebView in my app so I tried to update my pods but still the same thing.By the way this is my 3rd build on TestFlight and this is the first time apple sends me this. Any ideas?


These are my pods:

pod 'Firebase/Core'
pod 'Firebase/Firestore'
pod 'Firebase/MLVision'
pod 'Firebase/MLVisionTextModel'
pod 'SVProgressHUD'
pod 'SPPermission/Camera'
pod 'SPPermission/PhotoLibrary'
pod 'Mantis'
pod 'SwiftKeychainWrapper'
pod 'SwiftyOnboard'
pod 'Fabric'
pod 'Crashlytics'

Update 2

Seems like I found the frameworks with the issue.

Binary file ./Pods/FirebaseMLCommon/Frameworks/FirebaseMLCommon.framework/FirebaseMLCommon matches
Binary file ./Pods/Crashlytics/iOS/Crashlytics.framework/Crashlytics matches
Binary file ./Pods/GoogleMobileVision/Detector/Frameworks/GoogleMobileVision.framework/GoogleMobileVision matches

So now do I have to wait for google to fix them and update my pods?

  • Check what Pods you're using and if they use a UIWebView. For example banner SDKs, but you might want to check other SDKs as well. – Gerharbo Aug 30 at 8:59
  • 1
    @Gerharbo I use only Firebase pods and I can't find UIWebView inside them. – Nick Stefanidis Aug 30 at 9:02

You can examine each of the frameworks in the archived app to see if any of them refer to UIWebView. From the command line, cd to the archived app, e.g.:

cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/<date>/myapp.xcarchive/Products/Applications/myapp.app

Once there, use the nm command to dump the symbols of your app and each of the app's frameworks:

nm myapp | grep UIWeb
for framework in Frameworks/*.framework; do
  fname=$(basename $framework .framework)
  echo $fname
  nm $framework/$fname | grep UIWeb

This will at least tell you which framework is the culprit.

  • Thank you for your answer it helped a lot. I will update my question with further informations. – Nick Stefanidis Aug 31 at 15:23
  • So now the only thing I can do is to wait for google to resolve the issues? – Nick Stefanidis Sep 2 at 9:24
  • 1
    Yes, you will need to wait (or fix them yourself and submit a pull request). I’m not sure what the exact deadline is to remove all uses of UIWebView, but I highly doubt that it will be before iOS 13 is released this fall. – Rudedog Sep 3 at 14:23
  • Ok.Anyways thank you for your help. – Nick Stefanidis Sep 3 at 18:25
  • 1
    @johnny you would have to clone each repository and find out where they use UIWebView, remove or replace the code that uses it, and possibly submit pull requests if you want your changes to go back into the main repository. Or, you could just wait for the maintainers to fix it themselves. As I mentioned before, right now Apple is just warning devs about this and not actually rejecting binaries, so you have some time to wait for the upstream maintainers to fix things. – Rudedog Sep 5 at 5:00

Check if you use in your code the UIWebView class; if yes replace your implementation with WKWebView, else need check your Pods.

Go with terminal into your project folder and execute the command: grep -r "UIWebView" .

All matched pod must be updated. Now I'm stuck because I found UIWebView into Google AdMob (version 7.49.0) and I'm waiting a new version from Google.

  • 2
    When I entered the command in terminal , I'm getting the following warning "grep: warning: recursive search of stdin" and It doesn't return any response even after 30 mins.Any ideas ? – Durai Amuthan.H Sep 17 at 8:22
  • 5
    You miss the final dot! The command to execute are: grep -r "UIWebView" . – William Nardo Sep 18 at 9:03

I will answer my own question as I have news about this email. Google told me that there are several tickets about this issue and they are going to resolve this as soon as possible. Also today my app has been approved for the AppStore so it seems to be just a warning for the time being.


In my case, Firebase/Auth was using deprecated UIWebView API and the version I was using was an older one. So I just updated the Firebase/Auth pod using the command,

pod update 'Firebase/Auth'

Note: To figure out the frameworks which are using this api, just search "UIWebView" (cmd+shift+F)

  • So this is what I did and apparently it says Installing FirebaseInstanceID 4.2.5 (was 4.2.2) and didnt solve my problem – Jules Lee Sep 25 at 12:26
  • Doesn’t work in my case – Frostmourne Nov 6 at 7:50

When you build an Ionic app, you can choose between Cordova or Capacitor to deploy a native mobile version. While more recent versions use WKWebView automatically, Cordova still uses UIWebView APIs outright or contain references to them (Capacitor has been updated to remove these references – see below).

Upon app submission, Apple searches the app’s code for the “UIWebView” string then generates a submission warning if found. Therefore, a future release of cordova-ios (the Cordova iOS library) will be required to ensure that all references to UIWebView APIs removed.

another thought. I don't know if it makes sense or is technically possible.

Move UIWebView to a plugin as well and make cordova-ios use this or some of the WKWebView plugins. cordova-ios just contains the code to load a webview. By default the next version should load the Apache WKWebViewEngine (Plugin installed by default on new apps, Migration instruction for old apps). Users who need UIWebView, the Ionic one, a fork or others can specify their own one like it is now.

That way no UIWebView would be in cordova-ios and it would still be flexible enough like today.


Use latest firebase version


Version 6.8.1 : Removed references to UIWebViewDelegate to comply with App Store Submission warning (#3722).

  • how did you update it to the latest version? – Frostmourne Nov 6 at 7:52

If you are building with Unity 3D, this is a know-issue (acknowledged in changelogs), it's currently fixed for version 2019.3 (being tested and backported).

Check the ticket here https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/2019.2.4


I faced the same for React native app. Check below things :

1) You are using react-native-webview module rather than importing it directly from react-native(community webview is deprecated as a lean core removal in v0.60 and will be removed in the next stable release). (check here)

2) Please also verify if you are using any third-party libraries which use webview is up to date, If not please ask the library maintainers to upgrade the react-native-webview.

3) you are good to go for the upload, Please add comments if anyone finds some more difficulties.

Check here the breaking changes in v0.60

Another way to get rid of this warning is: start passing useWebKit={true}, that is to say, you are using WKWebView not UIWebView at all. Then you can do the following to solve the problem -- Deprecated API Usage.

  1. Remove Libraries/RNCWebView.xcodeproj/RNCUIWebView.h、RNCUIWebView.m、RNCUIWebViewManager.h、RNCUIWebViewManager.m
  2. Remove Libraries/React.xcodeproj/React/Views/RCTWebView.h、RCTWebView.m、RCTWebViewManager.h、RCTWebViewManager.m

Now I has already uploaded app.ipa to AppStore successfully without any permission warnings.

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 source={{uri: 'my http url'}}

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