I checked out a maven project, the directory looks like this :


[src] inside this folder there is [java],[resources] and [webapp] folders. inside [webapp] there is index.jsp and [WEB-INF]. inside [WEB-INF] there is web.xml and [jsp] folder.


I did : File --> Import --> Existing Maven projects

The project now appear in Project Explorer of Eclipse with this contents :

JRE System Library[JavaSE-1.6]
Maven Dependencies

My question, where are : WEB-INF and jsps ?

Thanks, your help is appreciated. John


Down below the source files that you described, you should see a "src" folder (with nothing after it). Drill into this folder and you should find your missing files.


Did you run mvn eclipse:eclipse?

  • No I did not, after checking the project out I omported it in eclipse. – John Apr 24 '11 at 19:16

First off, you will need to make sure you have the Eclipse Maven Plugin installed. You can get it here. Once thats there, you will need to run mvn eclipse:eclipse on the project base folder on command line. That will create .project, .settings and .classpath files, making it a valid Eclipse project. Now start Eclipse, select File -> Import -> Existing Projects in Workspace and navigate to the project folder. You should be able to see the project with Maven folder layout now.


You should look at m2eclipse plugin to work on maven projects in eclipse. Assuming you have installed this and m2eclipse extras (for WTP support), import the project in eclipse as a maven project. The jsps should be show up in Web Resources (src/main/webapp).

Note that this plugin does not need you to run mvn eclipse:eclipse either. If you have done this and want to undo it, you can run mvn eclipse:clean.

  • This is where I got the project : To download the Eclipse project for this application, please click : box.net/shared/9n91enxho1 Please show me the steps to run this project in eclipse. Thanks. – John Apr 25 '11 at 8:51

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