In my react app i have imported antd components and using babel import to lazy load css styles.

['import', { libraryName: 'antd', style: true }, "antd"]

I have some custom scss styles that overrides antd component styles.

In the development, my custom scss overrides antd styles perfectly.

But when I run npm build, it happens the opposite, antd overrides my custom styles.


After some trial and error I fixed the issue. The documentation https://github.com/ant-design/babel-plugin-import helped me to fix the issue.

I have used style: true, which imports source files. I have changed it to style: 'css' which imports precompiled css

['import', { libraryName: 'antd', style: 'css' }, "antd"]

This worked for me. My custom scss styles overrides antd styles on build.

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