In a recent nodejs project, I had a very strange occurrence: I set the HOSTNAME variable in my .env file, and by the time it got included in the .js file, the HOSTNAME value was different from the one in .env. Why?






console.log("Hostname: ", process.env.HOSTNAME);

console output

Hostname: foo

Expected console output

Hostname: foo.bar.com



  • Nodejs application is installed on a windows server 2008, where the machine's DNS entry is foo.bar.com. From the intranet, the machine is even reachable as "http://foo" (for whatever reason).
  • No other nodejs application runs on that server
  • Problem only occurs with HOSTNAME, no other variable name (at least not as far as I could find)
  • works perfectly fine if HOSTNAME=localhost and I run the application from the server browser
  • works perfectly fine if I rename HOSTNAME to _HOSTNAME (and replace all occurrences of HOSTNAME in my code)
  • works perfectly fine if I run the code on my local machine and just have a .hosts entry " foo.bar.com"

I have fixed the issue by renaming to _HOSTNAME, but I would like to know WHY this happened, and if there are other .env variable names that might be affected by this strange occurrence

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    HOSTNAME probably already exists, existing env variables are not overwritten: npmjs.com/package/… Sep 2, 2019 at 8:40
  • @RolandStarke Thank you very much for the hint; does dotenv (or nodejs) load some windows path variables or stuff like that?
    – subrunner
    Sep 2, 2019 at 8:42

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dotenv npm library skips the variables which already set in the host environment.You can find the more information about overriding existing system variables in official documentation.


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