I'm creating a Webpack configuration for Vue.js from scratch, I want to generate a sitemap.xml file dynamically from the Vue router and use sitemap.js to generate the file but I still need the list of routes, I couldn't find a clean way to do this using Webpack, I cannot require the Vue router file in my Webpack configuration as it's using ES6 import and it's going to throw a SyntaxError.

Edit: I have tried using @babel/register in my Webpack config file to import the router, but the import is now breaking because of the .vue files.

How do you generate a sitemap.xml file using Webpack from Vue router?

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  • I recommend installing an NPM package like vue-router-sitemap. – Dany Minassian 21 hours ago
  • @DanyMinassian I've seen that package but it requires the Vue router instance, do you have any examples? – Pierre 18 hours ago

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