I have my authentication class where i want to fetch something which require EntityManager which is present in a class. That class only works after authentication is done.

I have tried importing bean of that class in authentication class. Then i tried initializing EntityManager in Authentication class. But i didn't the things i wanted from that class. I looked over AOP and come to know about @Around annotation, which require to have "ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint" in method argument. But as i have implemented Filter class in Authentication class, i can't override my filter class. Can we have some work around for that?

  • Welcome to StackOverflow. Where is your code? Please kindly provide an MCVE, because I cannot compile and debug your ambiguous prose. Thank you very much. – kriegaex Sep 3 at 1:32

In AOP, The method you need to annotate with @Around is not the method you want to wrap, but the method you want to be called 'around' it (the aspect method). The joinPoint parameter in the method is there to represent your 'wrapped' method, and there to tell it when to execute it.

I think an example will be best to understand. Consider this simple AOP method that prints 'before' and 'after' the execution:

This is the aspect class

@Around("execution(* testWrappedMethod(..))")
public void aopSample(ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint) {
  joinPoint.proceed();// this will make the wrapped method execute

and this is the 'wrapped' method:

public void testWrappedMethod(String whatever) {

The output of the execution of testWrappedMethod will be:


  • Thanks for the help. But i have one more question over here, can we have something like setting a variable present in testWrappedmethod in aopSample method using the same? – Ashish Mittal Sep 3 at 5:37

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