I'm experiencing a fairly consistently repeatable crasher in an iOS project that I don't understand the cause of. It's happening when I set the properties of a managed object subclass instance for the second time in a row. Specifically it's happening when I set the properties to some new values, and then attempt to change them in a later action a few seconds later. It doesn't always crash when I follow that pattern, and it seems to happen less frequently if there is a longer delay between the original setting of the new values and the attempt to change them.

The instance being updated is a model object that represents information about a map point. When a user selects a pin on a map, the model for that point is stored to a view controller property, which is nil'ed out when the map point is deselected. The map point model instance itself is still intact in memory as part of the map model's "map points" relationship (an ordered set property) -- only the "selected point" property of the view controller is nil'ed out.

Based on my explorations, the problem appears to be that a KVO observer is being over-released. When I run the project with Zombies detection turned on in the runtime scheme, I get Console output such as:

*** -[NSKeyValueObservance retain]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x600001f97210

I'm not sure what object was deallocated. The item whose properties were set has an address (in this run) of 0x600003fa2fd0.

Furthermore, I have not explicitly added any Key Value observers anywhere in my code base for this project. I am setting the properties on my subclass instances directly, not by using key-value syntax.

If it sheds any further light on the matter, I have also run the project in Instruments with the Zombies template, and get a result such as:

0   Malloc  +1  1   00:40.453.823   Foundation  _NSKeyValueObservationInfoCreateByAdding
1   Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.830   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
2   Release -1  1   00:40.453.831   Foundation  _NSKeyValueObservationInfoCreateByAdding
3   Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.871   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
4   Release -1  1   00:40.453.897   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
5   Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.908   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
6   Release -1  1   00:40.453.916   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
7   Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.929   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
8   Release -1  1   00:40.453.938   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
9   Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.953   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
10  Release -1  1   00:40.453.956   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
11  Retain  +1  2   00:40.453.965   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _copyByAddingObservance:]
12  Release -1  1   00:40.453.968   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
13  Retain  +1  2   00:45.505.963   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo _initWithObservances:count:hashValue:]
14  Release -1  1   00:45.507.420   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]
15  Release -1  0   00:45.507.427   Foundation  -[NSKeyValueObservationInfo dealloc]

Any advice on how to figure out what's going on and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

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