I have a Jhipster application that is authenticated with the Amazon Cognito. The users that can access this application are those that dont have access to the AWS Resources therefore I moved with user pools instead of Identity pools. Please let me know on how to assign roles that are not related to the Amazon IAM cause wherever I refer to roles in cognito all are mentioning the following website Link Here

Please let me know on an alternative way I can maintain roles


You can use Groups for Cognito User Pools to establish a minimalistic Role-Based-Access-Control. Since the cognito groups can be found in the JWT, you can handle your users depending on the group they are in:

"cognito:groups": [


A user can be in one or more group (AWS hard limit: 25) and you can have up to 500 groups for each User Pool. For more information please look at: Limits in Amazon Cognito

Additionally, each group must have an IAM role. You can specify the permissions for the user there or just handle it with different groups.

  • I have already managed to use the groups functionality , I was wondering if there is a possibilty to pass granted Authority setup from cognito to the jhipster application, because by default jhipster looks into the granted Authority Attribute of the Auth token to manage roles – prashant s Sep 9 at 5:55

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