I am using Angular 7 with ngx-formly, I am stuck where I need to use date range filter on option select. On click on custom Date I need to show the date range picker. My design should be some line as below: enter image description here

 fields: FormlyFieldConfig[] = [
        fieldGroupClassName: 'row',
        fieldGroup: [
                className: 'col-auto',
                key: 'filterDate',
                type: 'select',
                templateOptions: {
                    label: 'Date Filter',
                    options: [
                        { 'id': 1, 'value': 'All' },
                        { 'id': 2, 'value': 'Today' },
                        { 'id': 3, 'value': 'Last Week' },
                        { 'id': 4, 'value': 'Last Month' },
                        { 'id': 5, 'value': 'Custom Date' }],
                    bindValue: 'id',
                    bindLabel: 'value',
                    placeholder: 'All',
                    closeOnSelect: true,
                    clearable: true


I tried with the wrapper which is mention in ngx-formly documents. https://ngx-formly.github.io/ngx-formly/examples/other/nested-formly-forms

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