Looking for some suggestions for useful discussion groups, articles, success stories, reference apps, and tooling (.Net) on the subject of event sourcing.

I am already familiar with:

Fowler's article: http://martinfowler.com/eaaDev/EventSourcing.html

Greg Young's Article (with downloaded docs in the comments): http://codebetter.com/gregyoung/2010/02/20/why-use-event-sourcing/

Greg Young's excellent (draft) article on DDDD: http://abdullin.com/storage/uploads/2010/04/2010-04-16_DDDD_Drafts_by_Greg_Young.pdf

Anything else I should be reading and looking at?

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You should look at this implementation of an EventStore as well as these two implementations of mini-systems based on CQRS with event sourcing.

EDIT (2011-05-18): NES (.Net Event Sourcing) is yet another implementation available to reference.

It may also be worth following the Google and Yahoo groups related to CQRS & Distributed DDD.


I listen to the Distributed Podcast. They give a very good overview of CQRS and partly event sourcing.


I liked this presentation by Erik Rozendaal on lightweight event sourcing:


He made a similar presentation at Scala Days 2011; the video is not available yet, but supposedly it will show up here eventually:


It seems quite practical!

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