I am using Like to find something pattern from table

sample table:

id | title |
 1 | f550  |
 2 | f550  |
 3 | f-550 |
 4 | f 550 |

I am using LIke query to check my receords, so lets say if I search for f550 it is bringing only 2 records that is correct technically but I want all records having any pattern such as (f550,f-550,f 550)

Is there any way besides REGEX I can do?

My query fires like this

SELECT * FROM `qd_posts` WHERE title LIKE  '%f550%';

I tried using different combinations such like this but didn't worked.

SELECT * FROM `qd_posts` WHERE title LIKE  '%f%-%550%';

I have even tried using RLIKE but still not got the result


You could try using '%f%550%'

FROM `qd_posts` 
WHERE title LIKE  '%f%550%';


FROM `qd_posts` 
WHERE title LIKE  'f%' AND LIKE '%550';
  • No idea that worked, had an assumption that wildcards only worked in front or trailing. Cool. No regex! – ficuscr Sep 4 at 18:25
  • Yes that gives me better results but imagine user typing from tetxbox anything can be entered shall I explicitly make different conditions? – Bits Please Sep 4 at 18:28
  • @BitsPlease . i can just answer at the question you posted .. . anyway ,.. for user inputs also for regex there are possible limits .. .. for user input could be you need some validation rule – scaisEdge Sep 4 at 18:30
  • The first one will match "TGIF at 1550"; did you want that? The second one can be simplified to just `LIKE 'f%550'. – Rick James Sep 4 at 21:24

For the specific list given (f550,f-550,f 550), use this:

REGEXP '^f[- ]?550$'

Yes, LIKE 'f%550' matches the same things, but lots more.

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