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Id like to add a class to one of my divs with a dynamic value generated in ts.

Say I have the following code to add a class:

let item = document.querySelector('.my-div');

let myMaxWidthValue = '200'; // this value is going to be generated by some fn

now I would like to somehow make the class look like this in the css:

.max-width .innerItems {
  max-width: myMaxWidthValue

Is this possible? It would be way more efficient for me to do it this way.

As you can tell by my css I want to set the class to the parent that contains many children elements.

I could do getElementsByClassName and loop through each one with element[0].style.maxWidth = myMaxWidthValue but there could be a TON of these children elements and it does not seem right to do it this way.


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You can use Renderer2 for this purpose:

constructor(private renderer2: Renderer2) {


ngOnInit() {
    let styles = document.createElement('style');
    let maxWidthValue = '200px';

    let css = `.max-width .innerItems {
      max-width: ${maxWidthValue};

    this.styles.type = 'text/css';
    this.renderer2.appendChild(document.body, styles);

OR With jquery you can simply do this:

$(document).ready(function () {
      $("#idOfStyleElement").append('your css');

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