SonarQube is just showing a Critical security issue in the very basic Spring Boot application. In the main method.

public class Application {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SpringApplication.run(Application.class, args);


SonarQube wants me to Make sure that command line arguments are used safely here.

I searched this on both StackOverflow and Google, and I am surprised that I couldn't find any single comment about this issue. I am almost sure that there are some security checks inside the SpringApplication.run method already. And also, I don't even remember that anyone sanitizes the main method arguments before calling SpringApplication.run. I simply want to tag it as false positive and move on.

Part of this question is also asked here: SonarQube shows a secuirty error in Spring Framework controllers and in Spring Framework Application main class

Is it false positive?

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    I haven't seen any instance of the args being sanitized in any of our boot apps. Dug a little into the usage of these args in the SpringApplication class. They are used to create SpringFactoriesInstances . So unless you are using the args variable to configure something in your app, you can choose to not set it (which would remove the error i guess) – Arpan Kanthal Sep 5 '19 at 17:18
  • @ArpanKanthal yeah me neither. I haven't seen anything like this before that people are sanitizing these values before calling Spring Boot run method. I tried to read the code Spring Boot quickly yesterday but wasn't able to dig deep enough to see something worth seeing. But still, I appreciate your comment. I will check it out deeper today. Thanks. – leventunver Sep 6 '19 at 7:14

No, it is a critical security issue indeed. It's just asking to sanitize the args before using it. There's no need for such a concern on a simple application, but it may be a big matter on a production application.

More details can be found on https://rules.sonarsource.com/java/RSPEC-4823?search=Make%20sure%20that%20command%20line%20arguments%20are%20used%20safely%20here.


It appears this is marked as a security hotspot as per sonar documentation. It states

Unlike Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots aren't necessarily issues that are open to attack. Instead, Security Hotspots highlight security-sensitive pieces of code that need to be manually reviewed. Upon review, you'll either find a Vulnerability that needs to be fixed or that there is no threat.

You can read more about it here security hotspot

As per this rule RSPEC-4823 or S4823, command line arguments are to be evaluated based on

  • Any of the command line arguments are used without being sanitised first.
  • Your application accepts sensitive information via command line arguments.

If your application falls into this category they are definitely a possible security issue to your application.

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