This isn't a big deal but i thought i'd ask in case the solution is straight forward. I'm using a TEdit box for user to input a decimal number. I'd like to have a minus key so they can enter negative number, but i'd prefer not to use the alphanumeric keyboards, i'd prefer a nice clean keyboard like the keyboard below (that is what i get on iOS with my TEdit box KeyboardType set to DecimalNumberPad.

enter image description here

Is there a way to get a keyboard that is limited to just numbers, decimal, and backspace but also with minus key? I have a work-around to let them change sign on the number. I'm just wondering if a simple solution exists that would look cleaner.

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    Does KeyboardType=NumbersAndPunctuation contain a minus symbol? I know Android has a numberSigned inputType defined for allowing decimal numbers with leading sign, but I don't think FireMonkey has a mapping to that exact keyboard type. – Remy Lebeau Sep 6 at 20:25
  • Yes, but i'm wanting a simpler keyboard like shown in the picture above - but with a minus key or maybe a +/- toggle. – relayman357 Sep 8 at 14:15
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    like I said, I don't think you can get this result using FireMonkey alone. You will likely have to access the underlying keyboard UI control directly and use OS APIs to manipulate it as needed. – Remy Lebeau Sep 8 at 17:43

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