We are implementing IdentityServer based external authentication in aspnetboilerplate. So far it went good and the external authentication is successful but it was not returning to the callback application. It stays in the IdentityServer login page but with user logged in as shown below.

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The problem seems to be with setting the TenantId.

In the ExternalController controller's Callback action instead of AutoProvisionUser user, we are inserting the user into the database. But we aren't sure about how to set the TenantId .

public async Task<IActionResult> Callback()
    // read external identity from the temporary cookie
    var result = await HttpContext.AuthenticateAsync(IdentityServer4.IdentityServerConstants.ExternalCookieAuthenticationScheme);
    if (result?.Succeeded != true)
        throw new Exception("External authentication error");

    //AbpClaimTypes.TenantId = "1";


    // lookup our user and external provider info
    var (user, provider, providerUserId, providerUserName, providerEmailId, claims) = await FindUserFromExternalProvider(result);

We tried to use the CurrentUnitOfWork.SetTenantId(1) but it looks that the TenantId remains only for this scope and I am seeing the following error in the log

ng.AuthorizeInteractionResponseGenerator - Showing login: User is not active

Upon further debugging and looking at the code of aspnetboilerplate, we found that the tenantId (line number 41, 42) in the method IsActiveAsync of the class AbpProfileService.cs is null and hence it throws the above mentioned error.

When I hard code the tenantId in the line number 42, redirection is working as expected.

So, how do I set the tenantId when using external authentication in aspboilerplate?

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