Is there anyway to delete/clear either the active/dead-letter messages from Azure Service Bus Queue in Azure portal? Currently we've sent a couple of messages to our queue while both the active and some dead-letter messages holds up there for nothing, and our service bus subscriber didn't trigger somehow, so we'd like to delete these messages to make our queue clean again. In order to wait until service bus drop these messages after expiration period, could we manually remove them ourselves?


Using Service Bus Explorer you can connect to Azure Service Bus and administer messaging entities. You can download the tool here.

Once you download the tool you run “ServiceBusExplorer.exe” In the Service Bus Explorer go to File Connect

enter image description here

Enter Connection string which you can find on in Dashboard --> Service Bus --> --> Shared access policies enter image description here

After connected Successfully you will be able to see all the topics queues in the connected servicebus select the Queue that you wanted Access

enter image description here

You Can receive and delete as you wish

enter image description here

  • thank you for your reply! Yes we've used Service Bus Explorer however, this tool can be send/inspect manually, my issue is when I already had message stayed in my queue and I would like to see what they look like, I cannot play with service bus explorer here... It is able to tell me same as how many message I have as active/dead-letter, but won't show me what they look like in detail.. – KevDing Sep 6 at 13:18
  • Sorry it's my bad, I found the way to detect and delete message using service bus explorer now! – KevDing Sep 6 at 20:45

Is there anyway to delete/clear either the active/dead-letter messages from Azure Service Bus Queue in Azure portal?

Purge operation is not currently supported. There's a feature request to implement purging, but it hasn't been implemented.

You could use some tools to perform purge-like operation. ServiceBus Explorer can purge messages (Receive and Delete option) on regular and dead-letter queues.

Alternatively, you could write a script to do that as well.

  • thank you for your reply! Regarding your last comment that "write a script to do", could you please refer any documentation or tutorial/example on that? – KevDing Sep 6 at 13:20
  • I don't have a link to share. When I wrote this down, was referring to the PowerShell option where you can use ASB SDK to achieve the job. – Sean Feldman Sep 6 at 16:39

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