I am currently building a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that has a rather odd localisation infrastructure. It has two elements:

  • Locally defined translations (defined in the project repo)
  • Remotely defined translations (statically stored in a CDN)

The way this needs to work, in theory, is quite simple:

  1. Detect the locale
  2. Import the local translations for the locale
  3. Import the remote translations for the locale
  4. Combine the objects
  5. Provide them to the application

The Problem(s)

This raises a few issues;

  • How do I dynamically import only the the necessary 'local' translations?
  • How will webpack know to bundle the local translations if the module/file name is dynamic?
  • How do I dynamically import only the the necessary 'remote' translations?

What I have tried

I currently have the following file structure:

│   index.js
│   │
│   └───/en
│   │   │   index.js
│   │   │   meta.json
│   │   │   ...
│   │
│   └───/es
│   │   │   index.js
│   │   │   meta.json
│   │   │   ...

My intention is as follows:

  • /i18n/index.js - perform the initial setup and dynamic loading of the necessary translations
  • /i18n/translations/XX/index.js - gather and export all of the translation json files within the XX directory

I haven't managed to get very far with this as I'm not entirely sure how best to implement it but this is what I have so far:

/i18n/index.js - set up the localisation

// Determine the locale...
const locale = 'XX' // For example purposes

const translations = {};

// Import the local translations
translations.local = require(`./translations/${locale}/index.js`);

// Import the remote translations here...
// Maybe use importScripts() but I am fairly certain this is 
// only available in the service worker...
translations.remote = '';

translations.combined = Object.assign(translations.local, translations.remote);

/i18n/translations/XX/index.js - for the local imports

export default {
    meta: require('./meta')
    // etc...

My Question(s)

As outlined in the problem section, I'm am not entirely sure how to go about achieving what I need. Can anyone suggest how best to implement this?

Feel free to suggest an alternative file structure if what I currently have is not good practice...

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