I'm using GWT 2.2.0 and have some tests which only fail in production mode tests (ie. with -prod passed through gwt.args). I can't seem to figure out how to generate debugging output for these tests so I can figure out what is going wrong.

I've tried System.out.println() and also tried using simpleRemoteHandler. However, I've never really used GWT's logging emulation, so I might be doing something wrong, and googling the problem didn't help.

Update 2011-04-26:

I added the following to my gwt.xml file:

<inherits name="com.google.gwt.logging.Logging" />
<set-property name="gwt.logging.logLevel" value="ALL" />
<set-property name="gwt.logging.enabled" value="TRUE" />
<set-property name="gwt.logging.simpleRemoteHandler" value="ENABLED" />

And then tried the following bit of Java in order to log:

Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("");
logger.log(Level.SEVERE, "log message");

However the log message does not seem to appear in any of the test output.

Here is my junit ant configuration:

<junit fork="yes" printsummary="yes" errorproperty="gwttest.runerror.prod">
    <jvmarg line="-Xmx256m" />
    <sysproperty key="gwt.args" value="-prod -standardsMode -logLevel WARN -war ${dir.build.test.gwttest.war} -out ${dir.build.test.gwttest.out}" />
    <sysproperty key="java.awt.headless" value="true" />
        <!-- Classes -->
        <pathelement location="${junit.jar}" />
        <path refid="gwt.classpath" />
        <pathelement location="${dir.build.classes}" />
        <pathelement location="${dir.build.test.gwttest}" />
        <!-- Source -->
        <pathelement location="${dir.src.main}" />
        <pathelement location="${dir.src.test.base}" />
        <pathelement location="${dir.src.test.gwttest}" />
    <batchtest todir="${dir.build.reports.gwttest.prod}" >
        <fileset dir="${dir.src.test.gwttest}" includes="**/*Test.java" />
    <formatter type="plain" />
    <formatter type="xml" />

I've been pretty impressed with the GWT logging emulation. You might want to dig into that and get it working. The gwt-log library should work too, but it's one more dependency to add. Any details you can provide on why logging (in any form) isn't working would help us help you!

  • I'm quite impressed with GWT in general, which was why I was confused as to why logging didn't seem to work. I'm probably doing something wrong. – KennethJ Apr 26 '11 at 7:46
  • Oops -- the problem is that running through JUnit skips reading the gwt.xml file, so the logging config from there is not read. See here: groups.google.com/group/google-web-toolkit/browse_thread/thread/… . So, fall back on the regular java.util.logging configuration and it should work. – Peter Wagener Apr 26 '11 at 13:06
  • Isn't that the point of adding the "-prod" argument to the test runner, so that the tests are run in actual JS via HtmlUnit rather than DevMode JRE environment? – KennethJ Apr 26 '11 at 14:12

Try using gwt-log library. It has several way to log messages in production including <div>, Firebug console and remote logger (a must when debugging other peoples problems).

  • If I can't get logging to work I might give gwt-log a go. Normally I just use System.out.println() for simple debugging during junit tests. – KennethJ Apr 26 '11 at 7:47

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