I am trying to replace all comma that are between two known character(§)

My test string: '§Rd, Vasai - East, Thane§'

The expected output: '§Rd; Vasai - East; Thane§'

I managed to remove the one occurrence using:

re.sub(r'(§[^§\r\n]*),([^§\r\n]*§)', r"\1;\2", '§Rd, Vasai - East, Thane§') 

But this returns: §Rd, Vasai - East; Thane§


We can handle this using re.sub along with a callback function which replaces commas with semicolons:

def repl(m):
    str = m.group(0)
    return str.replace(",", ";")

inp = "Hello World blah, blah, §Rd, Vasai - East, Thane§ also Goodbye, world!"
print re.sub('§.*?§', repl, inp)

This prints:

Hello World blah, blah, §Rd, Vasai - East, Thane§ also Goodbye, world!
Hello World blah, blah, §Rd; Vasai - East; Thane§ also Goodbye, world!

The idea here is to match every string beginning and ending with §, then to selectively do another replacement on that string to replace commas with semicolons. I assume that the § would always have an open and close, or if not, that you would be OK with the final § possibly be dangling.

  • 1
    That did the trick ! Yes, i always have a opening and a closing §.
    – Tony
    Sep 8 '19 at 1:13

This expression,


with re.findall also might just work:

import re

matches = re.findall(r'(?<=^§|,)[^,§\r\n]*(?=§$|,)', "§Rd, Vasai - East, Thane§")
length = len(matches)
output = '§'
for i in range(length):
    if i == length - 1:
        output += str(matches[i]) + '§'
        output += str(matches[i]) + ';'



§Rd; Vasai - East; Thane§

If you wish to explore/simplify/modify the expression, it's been explained on the top right panel of regex101.com. If you'd like, you can also watch in this link, how it would match against some sample inputs.

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