I'm using transitive dependencies that point to git URLs (not on GitHub) and I've found that NPM skips over these dependencies when installing the direct parent dependency.

For example, let's say I have package A, which has a dependency B:

"B": "git+https://username:password@giturl.com/username/B"

Now in a new project, C, I install A.

npm i git+https://username:password@giturl.com/username/A

Now if I look at C's package.json and package-lock.json, I can't find B anywhere! Interestingly enough, if I then install B manually:

npm i git+https://username:password@giturl.com/username/B

then B shows up in C's package.json and package-lock.json, both as a transitive dependency for A and a direct dependency for C.

It's also worth mentioning that this behavior does not occur when using github.com, only when using custom git hosts.

Is there any way around this so I don't have to manually install all my transitive dependencies each time? I'd like NPM to behave like it does for github.com.


I found a workaround, although I'm bewildered as to why NPM decided to skip over these dependencies. I'm assuming it's a bug and have filed a report.

I added the --global-style flag to my npm install command, and NPM will now install my transitive dependencies, except now I don't get the benefits of deduping. --legacy-bundling (disables deduping) also seems to do the trick - which leads me to believe the problem lies in deduping.

The --global-style argument will cause npm to install the package into your local node_modules folder with the same layout it uses with the global node_modules folder. Only your direct dependencies will show in node_modules and everything they depend on will be flattened in their node_modules folders. This obviously will eliminate some deduping.

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