I have an application made with React Native and I need to integrate Twilio SDK into my project, so I can use it to make calls etc. with Twilio from the application. I found a few guides that seems to be outdated, because Twilio just switched to new Programmable Voice SDK.

Any suggestion or advice is very appreciated.


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I have made this package that you can check as well: https://github.com/MrHertal/react-native-twilio-phone

It uses last Twilio Programmable SDK.


As far as I understand, you want to implement the Programmable Voice SDK, so you can use VoIP (Voice-over-IP) functionality? Twilio itself doesn't offer any react-native libraries. Therefore, if you're looking to implement Twilio functionality on the device, you'd need to either make a wrapper for the Twilio libraries yourself or use a third-party library, like react-native-twilio-programmable-voice.

You can find an usage guide in the README on the GitHub repository.

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