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Inspired in this color gradient generator, this is a gradient generator in perl6. I wonder if the code could be simplified or improved. It converts the hex colour to base10, calculates the gradient colours, and then converts the colour to base16.

my $initial_color = '#FF0000';
my $final_color   = '#00FF00';
my $gradient      = 10;

my @initial   = ($initial_color ~~ /\#(..)(..)(..)/).list.map: { .Str.parse-base(16) };
my @final     = ($final_color   ~~ /\#(..)(..)(..)/).list.map: { .Str.parse-base(16) };
my @range     = @final Z- @initial; 
my @increment = @range.map: { $_ / $gradient };

my @color;
@color.push: @initial;
for (1..$gradient) -> $i {
  @color.push: @(@color[$i-1]) Z+ @increment;

for (0..$gradient) -> $i {
  @color[$i] = '#' ~ ( @(@color[$i]).map: { .base(16,0).fmt('%02s') } ).join;

my $fh = open '/tmp/delete.html', :w;
for (0..$gradient) -> $i {
  $fh.print: "<span style='background-color:@color[$i]'>&nbsp;</span>"; 
$fh.print: '&nbsp';

run <elinks -dump -dump-color-mode 3 /tmp/borrem.html>;
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