I started porting my Flutter app to macos Desktop. The UI started fine. However, as soon as the app makes a network call, it fails instantly with Connection failed (OS Error: Operation not permitted).

Running a one-liner:

final response = await http.get('https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts/1');

fails with:

Unhandled Exception: SocketException: Connection failed (OS Error: 
    Operation not permitted, errno = 1),
         address = jsonplaceholder.typicode.com, port = 443
#0      IOClient.send (package:http/src/io_client.dart:33:23)

The macos build target comes from Google's sample here.

Flutter (Channel master, v1.9.8-pre.108)

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Per my comment on the other answer, you should not use the Xcode capabilities UI for this. It will not correctly handle the two separate entitlement files in a Flutter project.

You need to add:


to macos/Runner/DebugProfile.entitlements and macos/Runner/Release.entitlements.

This is documented here and here.

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    I can confirm that following the accepted solution did NOT add the entitlement to release, even though I had selected "All" in the capabilities. I was skeptical but this should be the accepted answer IMO.
    – Ryan Knell
    Jun 8, 2020 at 0:51
  • After editing these two files - do a full stop/start cycle in VSCode debugger for changes to take effect. Feb 16, 2023 at 23:39
  • that's work for me in debug, have not test on release
    – Ammar
    Apr 9, 2023 at 10:53

Your macOS XCode project lacks Internet permission called "Outgoing Connections (Client)".

Open your macos xcode project - [root]/macos/Runner.xcworkspace

Click "Runner" in Project navigator - general settings will show up. Select "Capabilities" from tabbar and tick option "Outgoing Connections (Client)".

enter image description here

Rebuild your application inside XCode and launch the project.

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    You should not use the Capabilities UI for the macOS Flutter Runner. See github.com/google/flutter-desktop-embedding/blob/master/…. It is very likely that you only enabled outgoing connections for either Debug+Profile or Release, but not both.
    – smorgan
    Sep 8, 2019 at 21:04
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    @smorgan Thanks for the clarification. I'm surprised the <key>com.apple.security.network.client</key><true/> was not enabled by default. However, the files in question are: /macos/Runner-DebugProfile.entitlements and /macos/Runner-Release.entitlements. Sep 9, 2019 at 16:20
  • Could you elaborate on why you expected it to be enabled by default? Internet access isn't enabled by default in Flutter for (release) Android either (flutter.dev/docs/deployment/android#reviewing-the-app-manifest), so this is consistent with how Flutter currently works (iOS doesn't have such a setting, so there's no way to compare there). Similarly, a default macOS project template in Xcode gives you a sandboxed application without internet access enabled. Is there a reason you expect Flutter for macOS to be less secure by default than Flutter for mobile or native macOS projects?
    – smorgan
    Sep 9, 2019 at 18:23
  • How to enable internet connection for flutter desktop app in IntelliJ?
    – K.Os
    Apr 13, 2020 at 20:57
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    @kosiara-BartoszKosarzycki Please consider removing or editing your answer; people who read your answer but not the comments on it are getting incorrect information on how they should add internet capabilities to a Flutter application.
    – smorgan
    Apr 14, 2020 at 5:19

If you are getting this error Only in Android release then Internet permission must be missing from main manifest. You just need to add Internet permission in Manifest file.

Just add this permission in manifest <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

There are three manifest file available in Android folder


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