I have some code that is filling out a form. It is able to find all the parts I need but it failes to type in one of them.

At first, I started by just waiting for the input fields to load, then wrote to them with page.type(). The username worked fine but the password failed. I split page.type() to page.click() and then page.keyboard.type() in order to isolate the problem.

I'm writing with typescript and running the files with ts-node

The same error was raised on both runs:

TypeError: text is not iterable
    at Keyboard.type (...\node_modules\puppeteer\lib\Input.js:162:24)
    at Keyboard.<anonymous> (...\node_modules\puppeteer\lib\helper.js:112:23)
    at ...\src\backend\index.ts:67:37
    at step (...\src\backend\index.ts:33:23)
    at Object.next (...\src\backend\index.ts:14:53)        
    at fulfilled (...\src\backend\index.ts:5:58)
await page.waitFor('input[type="text"]')    // Makes sure the form was loaded
    await page.type('input[type="text"]', user.username);
    await page.waitFor('input[type="password"]')    // Makes sure the form was loaded
        // await page.type('input[type="password"]', user.password);
        await page.click('input[type="password"]');    // Click password field
        await page.waitFor(5000)
        await page.keyboard.type(user.password);
    await page.waitFor('input[type="submit"]')    // Makes sure the form was loaded
    await page.click('input[type="submit"]');

This code definitely worked in another project I had, what can be causing this error?

  • Is it a string inside user.password? – Md. Abu Taher Sep 9 '19 at 3:04
  • @Md.AbuTaher yes – Koby 27 Sep 9 '19 at 4:46
  • Maybe you are not passing a string, instead it's int or object. Can you double check? – Md. Abu Taher Sep 9 '19 at 5:02
  • @Md.AbuTaher That was it, I forgot to define the password value. – Koby 27 Sep 9 '19 at 8:13

The error occurred because user.password was not a string. It was undefined.

  • Thanks. I have been searching the issue, and find that undefined is the root cause – Xin Nov 4 '19 at 13:18

In my case, I was passing a Number instead of a String. Number is not iterable indeed, should pass a String.


You can convert number to string using JSON.stringify

await page.keyboard.type(JSON.stringify(user.password));

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