In this stackblitz I'm getting the following error (Even though the MatBottomSheetModule is imported):

        Error: StaticInjectorError(AppModule)[CountryCodeSelectComponent -> MatBottomSheetRef]:
        StaticInjectorError(Platform: core)[CountryCodeSelectComponent -> MatBottomSheetRef]:
        NullInjectorError: No provider for MatBottomSheetRef!


Angular / Components Feature Request

If you agrre you can vote for this. I requested making the use case symmetrical WRT how we make use of other similar Angular components / services.


  • I actually injected MatBottomSheet instead of MatBottomSheetRef and called the dismiss() method on MatBottomSheet. It worked.
    – Sandeep
    Feb 16, 2022 at 5:53

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You need providers for Bottom Sheet which you were missing.

Make these changes to material.module.ts

import {MatBottomSheetRef, MAT_BOTTOM_SHEET_DATA} from '@angular/material/bottom-sheet';

  exports: [...]
  providers: [
    { provide: MatBottomSheetRef, useValue: {} },
    { provide: MAT_BOTTOM_SHEET_DATA, useValue: {} }

This is the recommended approach for Treeshaking for webpack for more performant and minimized bundles:

In file: country-code-select.component.ts

// Removed -1
// import { MatBottomSheetRef } from '@angular/material'; 

//Added +1
import { MatBottomSheetRef} from '@angular/material/bottom-sheet';  

The Stackblitz for your reference


And you are set. Cheers!


The accepted answer works but you will get the this._bottomSheet.open is not a function error, simplest solution will be to:

import {MatBottomSheetModule} from '@angular/material/bottom-sheet'; in your component module or app module, and at it to your imports

  imports: [
  declarations: [...],

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