OS: Ubuntu 18.04

I am trying to use my /etc/environment file, to export some variables, to be used by Rails.

cat /etc/environment


However, when I try:


I get:


It looks like it's cut off at the #. I would like to include # in the password, and make it available system wide, not just from my local bash shell.

However, if I add this to my .bashrc file, it works fine

Any ideas?


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What does shopt show?

echo "${RAILS_DB_PWD}" 

Should prevent the shell from interpreting the # that way.


As Elias Soares said in his comment, /etc/environment is not a good place to set a variable with embedded #. Set it in your bash initialization file (for instance /etc/profile) as


and it should work. If you intend to span (non-bash) subshells or run programs you are supposed to use this environment variable, don't forget to export it.

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