I'm using UWP MediaPlayerElement, and set

var mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();
mediaPlayer.BufferingStarted += MediaPlayer_BufferingStarted;
mediaPlayer.PlaybackSession.BufferingStarted += PlaybackSession_BufferingStarted;

When using BufferingStarted event, I found this two both have buffer start event. Simalarly for events like PlaybackStateChanged and others.

What is the difference between them?


This duplication is actually caused by the fact that these "duplicated" MediaPlayer events are now deprecated. See the documentation for the BufferingStarted event for example:

MediaPlayer.BufferingStarted may be altered or unavailable after Windows 10, version 1607. Instead, use the MediaPlayer.PlaybackSession property to get a MediaPlaybackSession object and then use the MediaPlaybackSession.BufferingStarted event.

So you can safely use MediaPlayer.PlaybackSession instead and stay on the safe side with future updates.

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