I am currently using the two following blocks of code to access nested values in ClojureScript:

  (def response (re-frame/subscribe [::subs/quote]))
  (def body (:body @response))
  (def value (:value body))
  (println value)
  (def result (-> @(re-frame/subscribe [::subs/quote]) :body :value))
  (println result)
 (def lol (get-in @(re-frame/subscribe [::subs/quote]) [:body :value]))
 (println lol)

Are there any better / more succinct ways of doing this? Thanks.

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    I usually have a simple (defn sub [s] @(re-frame/subscribe [s])) that I use in my components. This removes some of the visual noise: (get-in (sub ::subs/quote) [:body :value]) – Jochen Bedersdorfer Sep 10 at 11:19
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    For retrieving multiple keys I like nested destructuring: (let [{{:keys [value another-key]} :body} @(re-frame/subscribe [::subs/quote]]) [value another-key]) So destructure to get the body and bind the values of the keys from the body to value and another-key. – Erwin Rooijakkers Sep 10 at 11:46
  • Good shouts both 💥 – Mr. Robot Sep 10 at 12:17

Keys can be used as operators to retrieve its value like so:

(def lol (:value (:body @(re-frame/subscribe [::subs/quote]))))
(println lol)

However, I prefer the verbose way using a function as get-in

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