I'm using the code below to create a HIT on Mechanical Turk using Boto 3:

new_hit = mturk.create_hit(
    Title='my title',
    Description='my description',
    Keywords='my, keywords',
    Question='''<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ExternalQuestion xmlns="http://mechanicalturk.amazonaws.com/AWSMechanicalTurkDataSchemas/2006-07-14/ExternalQuestion.xsd">

This should create one HIT with 25 assignments.

However, when I try to retrieve the results, there are only 10 assignments:

results = mturk.list_assignments_for_hit(
    HITId='my HIT ID',
    AssignmentStatuses=['Submitted', 'Approved']

# This always maxes out at 10
print 'Number of assignments: ' + str(len(results['Assignments']))

I've tried this with several different HITs and several different MaxAssignments values. It always maxes out at 10 assignments. It appears that Mechanical Turk is silently capping MaxAssignments at 10.

I've found two clues in the Mechanical Turk documentation. First:

HITs created with fewer than 10 assignments cannot be extended to have 10 or more assignments. Attempting to add assignments in a way that brings the total number of assignments for a HIT from fewer than 10 assignments to 10 or more assignments will result in an AWS.MechanicalTurk.InvalidMaximumAssignmentsIncrease exception.



If a HIT is created with 10 or more maximum assignments, there is an additional fee. For more information, see Amazon Mechanical Turk Pricing.


But this doesn't explain why I can't use a value greater than 10 for MaxAssignments in the first instance. I'm not getting any errors.

How can I create and retrieve more than ten assignments per HIT?


Have you tried specifying the MaxResults parameter, like below:

response = client.list_assignments_for_hit(
  • That worked. (I had to set MaxResults=100, since 100 is the limit, apparently.) Thanks. – Joe Mornin Sep 10 at 19:07

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