I have an environment.yml and I have two dependencies that are only windows. Is there a tag I can add to not install this package in the environment.yml?

I've tried adding the [win] tag after the dependency in the environment.yml and that causes the installation to fail.

name: awesome_dev_env
- anaconda
- conda-forge
- dhirschfeld
- defaults
- fastai
- pytorch
- beautifulsoup4
- requests
- requests-kerberos==0.11.0
- requests-toolbelt
- requests_ntlm
- requests-oauthlib
- requests-negotiate-sspi  [win]
- winkerberos  [win]

The result of this environment should be a Python environment with a bunch of request libraries. Instead I get an error stating that [win] tag is invalid. Is there a way to restrict the libraries by OS?


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Currently, there is no way to do this from within a YAML. There is an open issue to add such a feature, but unfortunately no one from the community has volunteered to add it.

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