I got a new Android machine , this machine come with build in ( Printer, NFC and extended Screen ( 2 Screens). the factory provide Service installed to deal with the hardware such as printer, NFC and the 2th screen. The Factory in China Provide and AIDL Client SDK to use the AIDL Serve site , but in fact I don't know if Delphi Rio has the availability to implement these Files , so i ask the factory to provide an Delphi or any other support by Delphi with no luck.

I check the the SDK AIDL are installed as service in My Android Machine so i Need to connect my App to send request to printer and read From From NFC and use the 2th Screen to show information.

Does any one know how to call Android Service installed and use it with Delphi Multi Platform App

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  • That would totally depend on the service being used, as services may implement interprocess communication completely differently from each other. You need to be specific about what service it is. – Dave Nottage Sep 10 at 21:24

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