I'm trying to integrate FFmpeg library in my Xcode project, And following this Stackoverflow Question. As I follow each and every step from that Question, But at the end got this compiler error.

Here is a screenshot of Libraries Error. enter image description here Any Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Thanks for reaching out here. I have not write any code for this Library. I'm simply integrating this FFmpeg Library by following this "stackoverflow.com/questions/45613907/…" – Ahtazaz khan Sep 11 at 6:43
  • In attached images, can you tell me about what causing the issue? Maybe I'm not writing a valid PATHs? – Ahtazaz khan Sep 11 at 6:47
  • hi @Ahtazazkhan just very briefly your problem is simply relating to: the fat versus thin libraries. quite simply, have you tried it both in device and simulator? first do that, it may work in one and not the other! its too early in the morning for me to work it out but that's what the problem relates to :) – Fattie Sep 12 at 9:56
  • @Fattie Sir, good Morning! THANKS for your Help. Tested on Device & Simulator and it's not working. Don't know, what I need to do. Keep getting FAILURE while integrating this. – Ahtazaz khan Sep 12 at 10:01

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