I want to create a Tampermonkey Script which will make a video player on DAZN website go full screen automatically once the page has finished loading.

When I inspect the button I get

<button class="fullscreen___fullscreen___1Oq_Q button___button___3O7he svgIcon___svg-icon___3t8i9 barItem___bar-item___2axfk" 

I can manually achieve what I want in Console when the video is playing using

document.getElementsByClassName('fullscreen___fullscreen___1Oq_Q button___button___3O7he svgIcon___svg-icon___3t8i9 barItem___bar-item___2axfk')[0]

But I need to somehow script this to not try and click the button until the video player has loaded on the site and is there to be clicked.

Using Time Out seems to throw a 429 error

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