To easily release docker images of Go applications, I found useful switching to go modules but for now I failed to go get any corporate dependencies.

We keep our source code on a self hosted bitbucket server which listens on default port 7990 (http) and 7999(ssh).

My env variables:


My file structures:

|  |...
|  |...
|  |--github.com/
|  |  |...
|  |--golang.org/
|  |  |...
|  |--bitbucket.company.be/
|  |  |--project/
|  |  |  |--apprepository/
|  |  |  |  |--go.mod
|  |  |  |  |--go.sum
|  |  |  |  |...
|  |  |  |...

I expect go get bitbucket.company.be/toolsproject/toolrepository/depedency to result in the following directory creation:

|  |  |--toolsproject/
|  |  |  |--toolrepository/
|  |  |  |  |--dependencypkg/
|  |  |  |  |  |...

My goproxy points to an nginx server (which is now on the same host than our bitbucket) with following configuration:

underscores_in_headers on;

server {

    listen       443 ssl;
    server_name  bitbucket;

    ssl on;
    ssl_certificate /etc/ssl/web.crt;
    ssl_certificate_key /etc/ssl/web.rsa;

    location / {
        root /var/www;
        index go-import.html;


where go-import.html is:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html>
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
        <meta name="go-import" content="bitbucket.company.be/* git http://bitbucket.company.be:7990/*
    <body>    </body>

I also tried with http://bitbucket.company.be:7990/scm/*

With my actual settings, running go get fail with the following log:

most of the time:

go get bitbucket.company.be/toolsproject/toolrepository/depedency: unrecognized import path "bitbucket.company.be/toolsproject/toolrepository/depedency" (parse https://bitbucket.company.be/toolsproject/toolrepository/depedency?go-get=1: no go-import meta tags ())

Maybe I had changed something but sometimes I also get:

go get bitbucket.company.be/toolsproject/toolrepository/depedency: git ls-remote -q http://bitbucket.company.be:7990 in c:\Users\me\Desktop\Workspace\GoLab\pkg\mod\cache\vcs\6cafd1e08b08e46242fbd55dd0358fa36e2f68c953eed5475175012036b7ca37: exit status 128:
        fatal: repository 'http://bitbucket.company.be:7990/' not found

I have seen other go proxies (thumbai, go-import-redirector, goproxy) redirect to a godoc endpoint and I don't get neither what to run on the godoc endpoint neither why I should since I can't find any explaination on how to implement a corporate go proxy.

I'll be very grateful if anyone could help me with this or provide an alternative to solve my initial problem which is build, test and release go applications with docker without writing 40 git pull in a Dockerfile.

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