I want to highlight rows with trailing and leading spaces. I've below query but want to know if there is better more efficient way to achieve this.

FROM DummyTable lc 
    (lc.Code LIKE '% ' OR lc.Code LIKE ' %' or lc.Code like '%  % %' OR lc.Code like '% %  %') 
    AND (lc.StartDate <= getdate() AND lc.EndDate > getdate()) 
    AND (lc.CodeTypeID <> 27) 

Please note that I don't want to remove space from the field "Code" but just highlight in my result set.

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    Your code is also looking for multiple spaces. – Gordon Linoff Sep 11 at 12:22

There is not a more efficient method, but you can reduce the number of comparisons:

WHERE CONCAT(' ', lc.Code, ' ') LIKE '%  %' AND
      lc.StartDate <= getdate() AND
      lc.EndDate > getdate() AND
      lc.CodeTypeID <> 27 

This adds a space to the beginning and end and then looks for two spaces in a row (which seems to be your intention despite how the question is phrased).

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to improve performance beause all the comparisons are inequalities.


You could just use string functions LEFT() and RIGHT() to check if the string starts or ends with a space, like:

FROM DummyTable 
    (LEFT(Code, 1) = ' ' OR RIGHT(Code, 1) = ' ')
    AND StartDate <= getdate()
    AND EndDate > getdate()
    AND CodeTypeID <> 27 
ORDER BY 4 desc

As commented by Martin Smith, (LEFT(Code, 1) = ' ' OR RIGHT(Code, 1) = ' ') can be simplified as ' ' IN (LEFT(Code, 1), RIGHT(Code, 1)).

NB: few simplifications in your query:

  • you don't need to prefix the columns with the table name, since only one table is involved in the query
  • you don't need to surround individual conditions with parenthesis (just make sure to surround the ORed conditions with parenthesis to separate them from the ANDed conditions
  • thanks @GMB. would above capture multiple trailing or leading spaces? or its just single space? – Zulfiqar Dholkawala Sep 11 at 12:49
  • @ZulfiqarDholkawala: at least one trailing or leading space – GMB Sep 11 at 12:57

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