I am working on an enterprise system that uses a spring boot framework and the system is stateless (no session saved).

I have User entity, this entity have a list of branches, and another entity called Room, now I need to make all rooms belong to a branch.

So, I need a generic way to add a filter on rooms to get the rooms that have matched the current user branches only (the current user who request an API to get some rooms and add his authorization in the request headers).

I need to make it generic to handle any request of rooms to add this filter automatically and that spare me to iterate on all old APIs and add this filter to on it, or an aspect to make it before any query to add a dynamic condition to it.

I tried @Where(clause = "condition") annotation on Room entity but it takes a static condition only.

Also, I tried to use @Filter(name = "filterName", condition = "branch = :branchParam") annotation but it need to set the parameter when a query executes, therefore in my case it won't work because I don't have one point to set this parameter to be the current user branch.


I guess what you are looking for is

  1. QueryDsl
  2. Jooq

My personal preference is QueryDsl.

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