I am having some issues combining two columns in the same table in SQL Server 2005

select cast( FirstName as varchar)+'-'+cast( secondName as varchar) 
from table

how to I remove any spaces between the two fields

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    Please provide sample data and desired results. – Gordon Linoff Sep 11 at 14:06
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    It's advisable to explicit declare the size of the varchar – jean Sep 11 at 14:12

Presumably, the names are already strings, so conversion is useless.

If you have unnecessary spaces, remove them with ltrim() and rtrim():

select ltrim(rtrim(firstname)) + '-' + ltrim(rtrim(lastname))
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    TSQL now (2017) has a trim function that does both left and right trimming. Just a note for everyone else - 2005 is way out-of-date – SMor Sep 11 at 14:22

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