I am learning Criteria API and got stuck on joins without Entity mapping

I am trying to write this code on SQL in Criteria API, but for some reason it doesn't work

SELECT *FROM companies c
    JOIN combo_menu_dishes cmd ON cmd.company_id = c.id AND cmd.name LIKE '%ger%' AND c.company_name LIKE '%ger%';

Here are my Entities:

@Table(name = "companies")
public class Company extends AbstractAuditableDeletableEntity {

    public static final String CITY_ID_COLUMN = "city_id";

    private String companyName;

    //Some other fields

@Table(name = "combo_menu_dishes", indexes = {
        @Index(name = "combo_menu_dishes_company_index", columnList = MenuDish.COMPANY_ID_COLUMN),
        @Index(name = "combo_menu_dishes_menu_index", columnList = ComboMenuDish.MENU_ID_COLUMN)
@SequenceGenerator(name = AbstractEntity.GENERATOR, sequenceName = "combo_menu_dishes_seq", allocationSize = 1)
public class ComboMenuDish extends MenuDish {

    public static final String MENU_ID_COLUMN = "menu_id";
    public static final String ADDITIONAL_POSITION_COLUMN = "additional_position";

    @Column(name = MENU_ID_COLUMN)
    private Long menuId;
    @Column(name = COMPANY_ID_COLUMN)
    private Long companyId;
    private Boolean additionalPosition = Boolean.FALSE;

As you can see my ComboMenuDish does not have relation with Company entity, it has only companyId Long value.

How can I write SQL code I provided with Criteria API?

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