In an IT organization what responsibilities lies to a Devops Team and what are some responsibilities for DEV/QA team.

Below are Devops Core values Infrastructure as Code (IaC) — server environments are described in declarative manifests, that are stored as code, can be adjusted by any team member and reused multiple times to provision the required infrastructure for testing or building the code, as well as for maintaining the app in production

Continuous Integration (CI) — the feedback from project stakeholders and end users is constantly integrated into the product in form of specs and feature requests for the next iteration of software development.

Continuous Delivery (CD) — automatic code delivery pipelines are in place to ensure all the required resources are provisioned automatically and the code is pushed into production as soon as it passes the tests, without additional manual actions of the DevOps engineers or without interrupting the end user experience. Achieving “no service downtime” is available due to using rolling updates and other DevOps practices.

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