I have a react-admin app that uses a django api. I'm looking to read in the json data and fill the drop down values and other items from the the api. I'm having issues with accessing the data.

I've tried dataProvider and tried accessing the data directly and the drop downs are basically structured like this:

"type": { "type": "choice", "required": true, "read_only": false, "label": "point type", "choices": [ { "value": "ID", "display_name": "Point ID" }, { "value": "A_ID", "display_name": "Another ID" } ] },

export const PointGrid = props => (
    <Datagrid title={<PointTitle />} /*rowClick="edit"*/ {...props}>
        <TextField source="id"  label="ID"/>
        <TextField source="point" label="Point" />
        <TextField source="address"  label="Address"/>
        <SelectField source="type" label="Type" choices={CounterDropDowns} />
        <CreateButton />
        <EditButton />

The trouble is I keep getting 'choices.map is not a function' or something like that, but I want to be able to access the data in the TextField, SelectField, SelectInput and so on. Any help would be appreciated.

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