If I increase the size of sstables, performance will be perfect, please anyone can list me all key parameters i want to edit it to increase performance of cassandra. i think exists a lot off parameters want to change it.

I tried to edit cassandra-env.sh to increase number of cores and heap size


I don't have any errors, but I have a large latency in write.

I want to know what's the main parameters I can edit to have best performance


In Cassandra many things need to tune to get high performance based on application behaviour and nature. you can tune JVM parameters upto a certain limit and can get better performance for highly write intensive application. Also,you can select or change compaction strategy.

  • yes exactly, for me i need especialy what's this parameters you need to edit it without JVM parameters beacause i already modify it but i don't notice the difference in write performance, please if you have an idea about this parameters help me and thanks in advance !!! – Mohamed Cherradi Sep 12 at 9:05

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