I'm trying to use the Twitter api, tweepy and python to query tweets and write them in a txt file. When I run this code, I get a syntax error after 'tweet_json.txt' that's part of the get_save_tweets function. Just to make sure, I tried using " instead, to no avail.

query = '#dogs'

def get_save_tweets('tweet_json.txt', api, query):    
tweet_Count= 0

# write the querying JSON data into tweet_json.txt                    
with open('tweet_json.txt', 'a', encoding= 'utf8') as f:
    for tweet in 
    f.write(jsonpickle.encode(tweet._json, unpicklable=False) + '\n')
    tweetCOunt +=1

    print("Downloaded {0} tweets".format(tweetCount))
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    keep in mind that in Python indentation is crucial. tweet_Count = 0 should be indented. – lmiguelvargasf Sep 11 at 20:04
  • Every line at the start of a block needs to be indented. That's true of the line that starts f.write() as well. – Charles Duffy Sep 11 at 20:05
  • ...and the entire contents of your blocks need to be indented, so everything that's supposed to be part of get_save_tweets needs to be indented at or below the level of the first line inside that function, which needs to be indented below the level of the line opening the function. – Charles Duffy Sep 11 at 20:08
  • Never mind the indention problems, a function's defined parameters have to be valid variable names - a quoted string makes no sense at all there. – jasonharper Sep 11 at 20:42
  • Gotcha. The tutorial I used had (filepath, api, query) in the parenthesis, but never defined what filepath was. Later in the tutorial, it has the actual filepath in the parenthesis, hence why I added it in my code below. Also, sorry for the indention problems. The code was indented in my jupyter notebook, but I screwed it up when copy/pasting it here. I will do a better job next time. – user9762321 Sep 11 at 20:52

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