There has to be an easier way than copying and pasting. I have a large dataset that has data on multiple rows for the same ID. I need to copy the date in one cell and move it to another cell in the same column, with each column having a different number of the same ID.

This page isn't allowing me to paste a photo and when I try to recreate it manually, it jumbles everything together on one line. Sigh.

I have multiple IDs (ID1 ID1 ID1 ID2 ID2 ID3 ID3 ID3 ID3 ID3 ID3 ID4 ID4) on the column. In another column, I have a date, but only for the first ID of each sequence of IDs. Each subsequent cell in that column with the same ID is blank. I need to have that date in the last cell of each ID rather than the first.


  • look into lag and lead functions. As for putting a number table in your post - try the code formatting, that usually works – eli-k Sep 12 at 3:38

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