I am trying to make a http request from Xamarin.Forms, but struggling with it.

When I try to do an http request I get an error that says "HTTP is not supported".

var httpClient = new HttpClient(); var json = httpClient.GetStringAsync(urlToAccess).Result; //after the above line is called, variable json = "reason=HTTP+is+not+supported.&status=fail&errorcode=180"

I tried to use "HttpWebRequest" class, but I receive the same errorcode (180, HTTP is not supported).

Hope you can help me with some ideas on this matter.

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    Probably need to use https in your URL – Jon Sep 11 at 20:11
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    lol, it works, gosh how did I missed this, thank you Joe – Denis Sep 11 at 20:15
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    the SERVER is telling you it doesn't support HTTP – Jason Sep 11 at 20:16

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