We use cmake for a C/C++ project that consists of numerous subdirectories which we include via add_subdirectory(). Some (not all) subprojects require that we run Oracle Pro*C/C++ pre-compiler that reads *.pc and generates *.cpp source code. I have the related questions:

Because Pro*C/C++ requires a DB connection during the build, it's not a good idea to do that during automated CI/CD. Rather, we want the devs to pre-compile, and check-in the generated code into git, including a proper commit message and reference to a backlog item. The *.cpp files are next to the *.pc files in the same directory.

Question 1: How to structure the CMakeLists.txt so that I can either pre-compile only, or pre-compile and then compile, a subdir.

Question 2: How can I invoke cmake on root level, so that in all subdirs only the pre-compile step gets executed?

Question 3: How can I skip the pre-compile step and execute the compile step only? This mode will be used for automated CI/CD.

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