I used to use Channel to send out click event from Anko View class to Activity class, however more and more Channel functions are marked as deprecated. So I wanted to start using Flow apis.

I migrated code below:

private val btnProduceChannel = Channel<Unit>()
val btnChannel : ReceiveChannel<Unit> = btnProduceChannel 

// Anko
button {
    onClick {


lateinit var btnFlow: Flow<Unit>
    private set

button {
    btnFlow = flow { 
       onClick { 

I have to mark flow properties as var now which is not so elegant as before. Is this way right? Can I init a Rx Subject like Flow when defining the property?


I brought Channel back, then used consumeAsFlow():

private val btnChannel = Channel<Unit>()

// This can be collected only once
val btnFlow = btnChannel.consumeAsFlow()

// Or add get() to make property can be collected multiple times
// But the "get()" can be easily forgotten and I don't know the performance of create flow every access
val btnFlow get() = btnChannel.consumeAsFlow()

// Send event with btnChannel

This seems better than lateinit var one, but any way to get rid of Channel completely? (Though Flow itself like callbackFlow, channelFlow are using channel)


Although I don't use Anko in my project, I've written this function to use with regular button references, see if it helps you:

fun View.clicks(): Flow<Unit> = callbackFlow {
    setOnClickListener {
    awaitClose { setOnClickListener(null) }

An example of possible usage is:

   .onEach { /*React on a click event*/ }
  • Thanks for sharing this useful kotlin extension! This replaces my old RxView.clicks(view) :) – Ryan Amaral Nov 15 '19 at 10:22
  • What is the difference between lifecycleScope.launch and .launchIn(lifecycleScope)? – IgorGanapolsky Apr 26 '20 at 18:07
  • guys for some reasona it's not working on AppcompatButton – vikas kumar Jun 13 '20 at 8:37
  • 1
    @IgorGanapolsky aside from being more convenient in some cases, it's a terminal statement, almost always needs onEach() before – Ace Jan 1 at 17:11

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