I'm using spring JPA with postgresql database. I have an Entity as follow:

@TypeDef(name="json_binary", typeClass = com.vladmihalcea.hibernate.type.json.JsonBinaryType.class)
public class LiveTokens {

   private Long id;

   private String username;

   @Column(columnDefinition = "jsonb")
   private Token token

and Token:

public class Token {
   private Long expireTime;
   private String accessToken;

For saving object to column with Hibernate, I use Hibernate Types project. Now I want to get All LiveTokens that expired. I can't do it with Spring JPA. How do I query to posgresql jsonb column with Spring data JPA?


SQL JSON functions

If you want to call a SQL function that processes the JSON column, then you just need to make sure you register the function with Hibernate prior to using it.

Check out this article for multiple options for registering a SQL function.

JSON operators

For JSON operators, like the PostgreSQL ones (e.g., ->>), the only option you have is to use a native SQL query. JPQL or HQL don't support database-specific JSON operators.

Check out this article for an example showing you how to fetch JPA entities using native SQL queries.


Using EclipseLink and spring data jpa, if your data in db is something like: {"expireTime":102020230201, "accessToken":"SOMETHING" }, my first question is why to use long numbers for your dates instead of timestamps (ex '2019-09-14 12:05:00'). If you use timestamps there are also options to manage timezones (either from postgresql or from you source code).
Regarding your issue you may use the FUNC JPQL keyword of EclipseLink (Hibernate may have something similar) in order to run a database specific function. In the example below I use FUNC('jsonb_extract_path_text', lt.token, 'expireTime') to get the values of the json for token.expireTime.
PostgreSql method jsonb_extract_path_text returns text, thus you cannot do a less that condition, so I cast the output of the function using JPQL CAST keyword with (CAST -data- TO -type-).

public interface MyRepository extends JpaRepository<LiveTokens, Integer> {

    @Query(value = "SELECT lt FROM LiveTokens lt WHERE CAST(FUNC('jsonb_extract_path_text', lt.token, 'expireTime') AS LongType) < :expirirationThreshold")
    List<LiveTokens> findByExpireTime(@Param("expirirationThreshold") Long expirirationThreshold);

Again, this is not tested.

  • this error Could not resolve requested type for CAST : int8[select lt from ...] – Morteza Malvandi Sep 15 at 4:02
  • The error you get is about the INT8 type the CAST uses. You may replace the INT8 with a different type. You may also try LongType or Long. – George Siggouroglou Sep 17 at 9:53

Try it:

Service class:

Long currentTime = new Date().getTime();


@Query("SELECT lt FROM LiveTokens lt WHERE lt.token.expireTime <= :currentTime")

List<LiveTokens> findExpiredLiveTokens(@Param("currentTime") long currentTime)

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